Situated in the extreme north of Brazil, Roraima offers unique natural beauties in a variety of landscapes: savannas, forests, waterfalls, mountains and torrential rivers. The local culture boasts a strong Indigenous influence, which is seen in objects and crafts inspired by the traditions of native peoples. Rock inscriptions found throughout the state make it clear that the region was already inhabited thousands of years ago. A major attraction in the region is Mount Roraima, a vast plateau in the shape of a table and one of the highest and oldest places on Earth.

Source: Embratur

How to get there

Boa Vista International Airport
Praça Santos Dumont s/nº,
Centro Boa Vista – RR
Phone: +55 (95) 3623-9394
Fax: +55 (95) 3623-9369 R. 28
Distance from downtown Boa Vista: 4 km