As a destination of thousands of tourists looking for leisure, adventure or business, Bahia surprises for the number of attractions. Its coastline is more than 621 miles long and natural beauties are scattered everywhere. The Coasts of Baleias (Whales), Descobrimento (Discovery), Dendê (Palm Oil) and Coqueiros (Coconut Trees) are some of the sites offering a large range of options to visitors.

Beaches like Itacaré, Morro de São Paulo, Costa do Sauípe and Trancoso, with their charming inns and resorts are true paradises for resting and enjoying nature. Chapada Diamantina, in turn, a major ecotourism destination in Brazil, is a great place for trekking and speleotourism (cave tourism).

The state preserves a rich cultural heritage in its churches, museums and old houses. In Salvador there are many world renowned attractions such as Mercado Modelo, Farol da Barra and the architectural complex of Pelourinho, a Unesco Heritage site. And the capital boils up during Carnival, when millions of people dance to the sound of trios elétricos – huge trucks with thousands of watts of sound equipment that roam the city streets.

The cuisine is based on the traditions of African-Brazilians ancestors. From the food trays of the baianas, visitors can taste various dishes seasoned with palm oil, among which are acarajé – made of black beans, onion and salt, which can be eaten with pepper, dried shrimp, salad and other typical ingredients of Bahia cuisine. The contagious joy of the people boasts its African influences also in the music and strong religious syncretism.

Source: Embratur

How to get there

Dep. Luis Eduardo Magalhães
International Airport
Praça Gago Coutinho s/n°,
Salvador – BA
Phone: +55 (71) 3204-1010
Fax: +55 (71) 3204-1030
Distance from downtown Salvador: 28 km

Paulo Afonso Airport
BR 110 km 03,
Paulo Afonso – BA
Phone: +55 (75) 3281-1024/3079
Fax: +55 (75) 3281-1532
Distance from downtown Paulo Afonso: 5 km

Ilhéus – Jorge Amado Airport
Rua Brig. Eduardo Gomes s/n°,
Pontal Ilhéus – BA
Phone: +55 (73) 3231-7629